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Belated Happy  New Year everyone.

Finally found the matches, lit the candle, wound up the elastic band in the lap top and voila ! I’m online again! Hiding in a darken room and wishing I didn’t work.

Some dates for you, if you are close and available.

8th Feb - Brunny Folk Club, Wimborne,

3rd March - Ascott Under Wychwood Folk Club,

9th June - Wimborne Folk festival,

5th July - New Forest Folk Festival,

18th July - Lantern Folk Club, Romsey

More to follow.

About to start recording again and hopefully either a single , EP or album will be coming your way in March depending on how much budget, brains and balls allow !

Also have a Him book underway with about 40 songs in it , which I will hand out at shows so if you do come along you can sing along to!

My Best Wishes for 2018

Ian x

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