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Flaming June?

Dear All

Happy June to you all.

A few more festivals are in the diary for June & July and much looking forward to the summer once the dark clouds of election season have passed.

Great show at The Merchant Apprentice in London this weekend. Thanks to those who came along. Just to clarify with the very happy Arsenal supporters whose FA cup over floweth on Saturday night ..who were looking on I Tunes for ‘song’ by Jeremy Kyle.. the nations favourite TV social worker has not recorded anything to my knowledge .. I wrote a song about someone on his show and called the three minutes slice of real life ‘The Jeremy Kyle Song’! That said, thanks to them for asking me to play it twice as quote ‘It made them laugh their F*****g heads off’.. I am sure there are better accolades but I can’t think of one!

Biggest & Best


PS Hope everyone who asked has received their copy of my first ever EP ‘Don’t Give Up The Day Job’. If you missed last month’s update.. email me your address and we will send you a free copy. If you like it give some money to a charity of your choice. If you don’t, re cycle the cardboard wallet and hang the cd in your garden to keep the birds off your carrots.

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