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I Blinked And August Has Been And Gone!

Much music making in small rooms this month with no audience, save the dog and my Elvis poster. I also did two lovely shows, one at Winchester Folk Club supporting the fantastic Winoween and also a little warm up for Mr Tom Baxter in the exotic reaches of Crouch End.

On Sunday I will be playing the Fire Stage at Purbeck Folk Festival at 12.30. The festival starts on Friday and is worth checking out….The Proclaimers, Villagers and many more!

Creative pinnacles achieved this month, but poles apart, involved two songs I co-wrote. The first was with Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Featuring Bully ‘I’m Gone’, going to number 1 on drum and bass chart, fuelled by few more plays on Radio 1 in the blue corner, while in the red ‘It’s Hard To Be Humble’ appeared in ‘100 Brilliant Poems For Children’. A wise man said to me this week that success in show biz is helped if you have five jobs... so that’s two sorted. Bring on the other three... quick!

So the threat of the North Korean leader having a better haircut than the US President has hopefully been averted by Donald Trump bringing Nigel Farage on stage this week to join him? As me and my sometime co - writer Henri Priestman once mused in the song ‘The Idiot,’ while so many species are in danger it’s a crumb of comfort to know that some are on the rise.. ‘The thing about the Idiot is there is one more every day’. I think I might dust that down for Sunday? Time now to turn my thoughts to stage gear and make up. See you on the other side.

Biggest & Best Ian

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