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Where Is The Sunshine?

And so here we are nearly in the middle of a warm sunny July... Ok Ok a boy can dream!

Nowhere was the terrible weather more in evidence than at Glastonbury.... ' muddy' just does not cover it! None the less, I was very happy to play a short set on the PRS stage and even more happy that no one left the tent during the performance... Now that might be because it was raining outside and there was free food and drink available, but I like to think it was because of my silky delivery and suave debonair disposition... but I won't be taking a vote on it!

I also played at the Drax and Lymington Folk Clubs, as well as the Cornbury and Greenwich Festival which were great fun and thank you all for inviting me along.

I have headline gigs coming up in Romsey and Bournemouth later in year.. If you are within skateboarding distance please order a ticket upfront. Before then I will be at the Purbeck Festival at the end of August .

Tip for this month? When visiting the dentist and he is just about to jab you with a syringe and start drilling .. don't ask him if he went Brexit or Bremain and then start debating with him why he should have gone the other way!

Enjoy the sunshine !

Ian x

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