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Dear All,

Aloha from Halifax and so many motorway services stops along the way. So the Rita Coolidge support tour ended on Monday and she told me that doing a show from now on without me warming up would never feel the same.Obviously I took that as an affirmation that I did OK.. however on reflection it could be taken as a very polite way of saying, don’t call us!

Ahh there it is packed in the artists toolkit, a big spanner of insecurity which can be used to undo the bolts holding the hinges on your sanity.. breathe in .. and.. breathe out… yes its gone now! Either way I had a great time!

Each night before I played ‘Me Too’ I asked the audiences did anyone share their name with someone famous and what a dinner party the names would make. In Bury St Edmunds we met Nick Lowe, in Wimborne Mark King and Tina Turner, a Leonard Cohen and a Paul Young in Leeds… actually forget the dinner party what a band!

By the way Lenny Henry is right about Premier Inns.. you don’t half sleep well and without selling body parts to pay the bill. Sorry to the lady on reception in Premier Inn Swindon who thought I was ‘The Ian Brown’ , I really am just ‘An Ian Brown’ but she didn't believe me and so decided to look on the internet and told me I looked like the pictures??!! All I can say is check the contents of your rollups and sorry to the 3 blokes you told that I was ‘him’ who were at a gas fitters convention. I was not playing the bolshie rock star when I didn’t sign autographs in the Beefeater next door… a clue is , he is as tall as I am wide and has hair.

So back to reality , ironed shirts, lawn mowing and Egg Heads before tea.

See you next month. x

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