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April's bucket full of news and muse.

Dear All,

So I am pumping up the tyres on the company bike to go on the road supporting Rita Coolidge from April 30th. Darting hither and thither across the UK . I am very grateful to be asked, not least because I have been reading Rita’s book ’Delta Lady’ which contains the fantastic quote: ’In the middle of a pile of shit, there is a pony’.. now that is a mantra to carry through life! Take a look at the live tab to see if the shows come near you and come along. There is still no album or EP to sell, so you are safe!

There is a new track Portobello up on the sound cloud. Written with Mr Tom Baxter about our different experiences of Notting Hill. His of lost love and laughter, mine of a brief flirtation when in a band, with a reggae record label in All Saints Road called Legal Light, circa 1987. Very little was legal about Legal Light but it was run by a nice man called Errol. He did on one memorable occasion proclaim that he was going to stop war with our music by taking it, and I quote “to the birds in the trees and the worms in the ground”. He said all of this while holding a Tesco bag full of Babycham in one hand and a small bag of what looked like hay in the other. Well it was dried grass of some kind, my precious third class diploma in agriculture failed to cover that particular area on plant husbandry. Anyway after making this bold statement he promptly passed out in front of me and sadly failed to stop war with our music.

Some more live dates in the diary since last I wrote, including Glastonbury.. more on that next month!

Also a song I co-wrote with my good friend Bully is being released by Drums Sound and Bassline Smith.. a UK drum n bass institution.. In the clubs only at first, but a cut is cut is a cut .It’s a long way from gentleman's smoking club at The Royal Agricultural College my friends , but much appreciated and thanks to them.

Biggest & Best



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