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RIP Chris Mason who has gone to the great sing around in the sky. So many happy nights spent with him at the Ringwood folk club over the last few years, trying out new songs on an unsuspecting audience and Chris occasionally accompanying these offerings on button concertina. Somewhere down the road my friend.

Played some nice gigs in London, Winchester and Bournemouth recently and looking forward to The Bedford in Balham next month! Check out the live tab for info. It was at one of these evenings someone suggested that I should make an album and sell it at shows! Trouble is just because my Mum likes it, doesn't mean everyone else will .Which leads to disappointment, insecurity and sadness. Wait a minute though; sadness is good because you write better songs when you are blue, don't you? I always wonder if Robert Johnson had been teetotal, happily married with a steady income and no STDs if he would have written even better songs? Probably not.

Blimey this being a real artist looks very hard and means a whole lot of bravery. I am not that brave. I am going to stay back in the cave, light a fire, maybe draw pictures of tigers and rabbits copulating on the walls and leave the real artists to go kill the musical mammoths. Let's be honest they look far more attractive in the loin cloth!....

Were you ever cast as Friar Tuck in the school production of Robin Hood? I was and a lot of life choices became clear at that point.

By the way you know that square thing I showed you last week.. Well I knocked the four corners off it and I've called it a 'wheel' it could run and run.

Go easy out there.


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