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February's helping of IWB!

Many thanks to anyone who has signed up to email list, you only have yourself to blame!

More shows added on the live tab.. including Edinburgh Festival. Boom! Another ambition fulfilled and crossed off the 'must do' list, it's right there under 'lose 2 stone' and 'learn to jive'.

King Richard is roller skating around London with Tesco bag full of 'Me Too' singles and with a following wind we may get some radio play! But it's showbiz kids so we may not. Nothing ventured, we can always use the cd's to hang around the broad beans to scare the birds off. It's not the reflection apparently, research shows that it's the threat of playing the music on the CD that does the trick and sends them off in a frenzy to have a go at your neighbours carrots.

So a couple of new songs seemed to go down well live in Ringwood and Wareham.. well no one left the room, which is always a positive. If you are coming to The Brunny on Feb 17th you will also be served up a dollop of fresh song sushi!

I've decided I needed to get out more, rather than wallowing in my own creative juices, so have been doing a bit of co - writing and marinating with Lord Henry Priestman and Sir Simon Johnson. Was it a success I hear you cry? Well who can go wrong with the song wot we writ called 'When You Look As Good As Me! It's a sort of musical self help book. Which reminds me I once bought a talking book called 'Prosperity' when I was doing lots of miles in the car up and down to London trying to make an honest shilling in that there record business, I thought it would help, which it may have done, were it not for the first piece of advice being 'spread your arms out and say I am ready to receive the bounty the Universe has to offer'. So, Dear Mr and Mrs Welcome Break if you're selling a talking self help book in a motorway services, consider putting a warning on it that says 'not to be listened to while driving' or get the author to change the book to 'spread your arm out and keep the other on the wheel and say 'I am ready to receive the bounty the universe has to offer'. Apologies to the Ikea Lorry Driver and thanks for showing me your one finger, great aren't they, I have 11.

More soon.. news that is not fingers


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