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New Year, New Site!!

Greeting campers and welcome to the Ian W Brown website.

I spent the festive period trying to finish some songs and am happy to say 'Uphill Both Ways' & The Five Foot Two Inch Giant will get an airing live over the next few weeks in Ringwood and Wareham.

The 'Me Too' single is being handed to radio and thank you to everyone who encouraged me to record it in 2015 and to those who endured it various versions live. You can hear it in all its glory on the music button on the site as well as 'Aunt Marjorie'.

I think there may be a feature on me in Hampshire Life which we will post up when we have taken a copy from the dentist waiting room and once we have airbrushed in the high cheek bones and full head of hair.

Will be in touch via intergalactic telegraph soon.

B & B



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